Colorado Webworks

Microsoft / Unix / Linux / Mac

  • Android Mobile Device “APP” Development
  • Apple Mobile Device “APP” Development
  • Call Center Software Deployment “Asterisk PBX / FreePBX / SugarCRM”
  • Call Center Hardware Deployment “Cisco / Grandstream / Polycom & More”
  • Cloud System Deployment and Maintenance – All Flavors
    Computer Hardware Construction, Repair, and Upgrade(s)
  • Cyber Terrorism Defense, and Retaliation
  • CRM & LMS Telephony Integration “Asterisk PBX / FreePBX”
  • DataCenter Emergency Responder / Response
  • Embedded Systems Development
  • Forensic Code Auditing
  • Large Scale Clustered / Distributed Computing
  • Large Scale System Day to Day operation(s)
  • Linux, Unix, Windows, QNX, and DOS
  • Microsoft AD and GP Management
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile Development
  • Mission Critical Informatics
  • Manufacturing Automation and Process Control
  • Physical Server to Virtual Server Migration(s) – All Infrastructures
  • Physical Wiring and Network Deployment
  • Project Management – Hardware / Software
  • Router, Firewall, and Storage Configuration
  • SMS/TEXT messaging CELL phone applications
  • Software Development and Testing
  • System Reverse Engineering
  • Tech Team Management and Oversight
  • VMware Virtualization – Deploy and Maintain
  • VoIP Telephony Systems – Asterisk Deployment(s)

General capability statements:

  • I have implemented Local Area and Wide Area Networks “LAN @ WAN’s” with greater than 200 workstations.
  • I have installed and supported networks with International access requirements.
  • I have performed thousands of hardware/software evaluations, installations, and upgrades.
  • I have deployed and maintained call centers with over 100 seats, with robo-dialers, and CRM integration.
  • I have virtualized thousands of physical servers in datacenters across the United States
  • I have installed T1, DSL, DSLAM, E1, T3, DS3, PPP, FRAME. RELAY, and FIBER connections
  • I have installed and maintained dozens of different SAN/NAS/iSCSI storage technologies.
  • I have installed, maintained, and administrated almost every type of VM or Cloud environment.

Operating Systems:

AIX, UNIX, LINUX, DOS,PIC, BSD, Free BSD, Caldera, Fedora, Iris, MAC OS, Novell Netware, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Suse, Solaris, Windows NT, Windows 2000 Professional, Windows XP, OSX, Windows Server 2003-2008, Windows Vista, Windows 7

Education & Experience:

My extensive knowledge of computer systems, programming languages, and network technology was self taught! I have no formal IT training!

I operate outside the stereotypical “IT” box, in many ways!

Work History & Accomplishments

2006 - Currently Consulting
University of Central Florida - Institute for Simulation and Training / Metil LAB

I serve as a senior programmer and technical lead, and have various responsibilities for bringing innovations to life and assisting in learning technology initiatives with a global scale. Some of these can be seen here MySportsPulse.Com and here UCF College of Medicine

I have a recommendation letter here in regards to service and employment at The University of Central Florida UCF IST LETTER

2006 - Currently Consulting 2011 - Currently Consulting
Carousel Properties, Fort Collins, CO

I am currently contracted as a network systems engineer. I deployed, manage, and maintain a property wide "wired & wireless" local area network spanning the entire main campus of Carousel Properties. I oversee 48 different WAN/LAN routers, with WIFI, Streaming, and Voice over IP telephony for over 225 different person endpoints.

I have a recommendation letter here in regards to my services and performance at Carousel Properties.

July 2013 - November 2019
TextMeYourOffers.Com, Oxnard, CA - Las Vegas, NV
Mar 2012 - July 2013, 2016
Poudre Computer Services, Fort Collins, CO

I am worked as a hardware / software systems technical support and deployment representative for PCS. PCS provides specialized mission critical IT support to a large number of firms across Northern Colorado.

2006 - 2010

I provided technology development and consulting services for CityWaboo.Com, I also managed their scalable dedicated web server infrastructure.

2006 - 2010
InsideRightiMedia, Inc.

I provided project management and implementation support for InsideRight's large web customer base. I install and configure numerous affiliate programs and shopping carts like osCommerce as well as manage numerous MySQL databases which feed dynamic web content for dozens of production websites.

2005 - 2009
Advanced NetSystems, Inc.

I provided technology consulting services specializing in project management, creating and maintaining customer networks, managing web, development and data systems. I am an expert in open source (LAMP) platform development and deployment. I routinely create and maintain systems comprised of open source software. I use Apache, PhP, MySQL on a daily basis. I implement SugarCRM for companies, and deploy complex Asterisk VOIP pbx's all the time.

2004 - 2006 / NationwideSingles.Com

I completely managed the effort to locate and raise angel investment capital for the development of LocateYourMate.Com a web dating concept that focused on innovative methods for introducing singles to each other. I successfully raised capital with an angel investor based out of Orlando, Florida. I relocated and lead the development and deployment of a web dating system. I am and was a hands on technology leader and I managed the entire development effort to build the system from the ground up. This required extensive knowledge of back end server systems, e-commerce integration, asterisk VOIP deployment and managing onsite and offsite resources. The entire system is and was a LAMP based technology. Apache, MySQL, and PHP drive a majority of the core features. Perl modules were utilized to interact with the Asterisk via AGI. I designed, spec'd, and oversaw the development of the entire project

1999 - 2011
Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Birken Interactive Studios

I managed every piece of Leonardo DiCaprio's Internet infrastructure for his non-profit foundation. I also managed the deployment of the website for (web site interface, chat software, server conversion to open source Linux). Implemented server backup schedule. You can visit their sites here: Leonardo DiCaprio.Com & Leonardo DiCaprio.Org

1999 - 2004

I managed the IT infrastructure for this Internet based online actors catalog for the Only Multimedia, Corporation in Los Angeles, California. This included Windows and Linux server administration, telephonic IVR / PBX setup, FAX blasting technology, dedicated point to point IP connection config and setup, and more...

1996 - 2004
TQG America Internet

I founded this ISP/ASP that was very profitable in Los Angeles, CA during the years listed above. I designed, developed, and implemented a LAMP based billing system called Ameritranz, which operated for over 4 years grossing $249,000.00 in transactional revenues.